Petroleum storage facility

What We Do

OTE safely stores, handles, and blends bulk petrochemicals to manufacture, supply, and distribute finished petroleum products.

Our products

  • Premium Octane 91
  • Regular Octane 87
  • Clear Diesel
  • Dyed Diesel
  • Oils & Lubricants

Our mission

With focus on environment and community, our mission is to ensure safe and sustainable storage and handling of bulk petrochemical feedstocks enabling a consistent supply of high quality petroleum products at lower prices to our member retailers.

Sustainability - We store and handle products that fuel our daily lives, yet can pose risk to health and environment if handled inappropriately. We aim to take on this responsibility and provide clean storage and safe handling of these products now and for future generations.

Strategy - As demand increases we aim to connect our indeginous communities across Canada with a consistent supply of better product for better prices. That means improved margins for member retailers, and lower retail costs for their communities.

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Who we are

We are a Native Energy Collective that aims to connect our communities with a sustainable supply of quality fuels, oils, and lubricants essential to daily life.

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Our Customers

We sell better product for better prices exclusively to our members: native petroleum product retailers located on First Nations Territories across Canada.

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