Gas station on Indian reserve being refueled by OTE

Our Customers

OTE provides better product for better prices exclusively to our members

Original Traders Energy is a native energy collective, and as such we sell exclusively to our members. Our members and their communities realize consistent supply of high quality petroleum products including gasoline and diesel fuel, for less.

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What it means to be a member

You get better product for better prices
OTE supplies petroleum products equal to or better than current products in the marketplace, for better prices. That means improved margins for our members, and better prices for their communities.

You get to be part of something bigger
Good governance practices and abiding by our values will ensure that we will accomplish our goals.

You're part of the community
OTE is by native, for native. Being a member means you're part of an effort to connect, enable, and improve our communities.

How do I join?

Potential members must be registered to a First Nation community as well sites must be located on a First Nation community.

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